1 IGK1 Reception
2 IGK2 Restaurant
3 IGK2 SPA room
4 IGK2 Quiet Room
5 IGK2 Mother Room
6 IGK3 Gym
7 IGK3 Common Space
8 Field

The number from the middle and the two corner ones give the one in between.


The order of the letters matters.

Put the letters in order, use one letter twice

The equivalent of the first symbol in the grid is the letter "C", the next "E", and so on.

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Only the cables plugged into the green LEDs matter. The socket numbers at the bottom are arranged in order from right to left.

dark brown, blue, purple, pink, marine (light blue)

Medium, Large, Small

hint 5.2

"B" doesn't matter


You will find more than just adding.

First subtraction, then addition.

Y is T, T is Y, and some letters don't change.

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