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On the way, you will also come to Quartermaster Zieliński. The Quartermaster is not here, but you should be able to open the equipment locker, locked with a four-digit lock.

Use your notes.

Count the items in the order in which they were written on the list and were not crossed out.

Be patient.

Talk to the agent until he gives you the access code. It's worth trying various options.

Having the access code, you go to the hideout. The code turns out to be correct and you go inside. Suddenly, something starts beeping.​

Extra alarm! You only have a dozen or so seconds to turn it off. You have to disconnect the diodes in the right order.
It starts from the middle, then extreme left, extreme right, middle left, middle right ... and we only disconnect the pluses. 

Which sockets will you disconnect?

Green doesn't matter.

brown, gray, purple, orange, sea colour

The beeping stops. You can look around the room in peace. You go to the laptop lying on the desk.

Examine the notes you received at the beginning.

Various photos hang around the laptop. Consider whether they can somehow be connected with the notes you received at the beginning.

You've managed to get into the laptop. On its screen you can see the most recently opened file. 

Try to put the picture together.

This is a good time to use your printer. Cut a square out and try to piece it together.

You enter the obtained code on the laptop keyboard. Next window appears.

There is no need to know polish language.

Find letter A (as marked under text)  in the text and then the next letters marked  X  in the direction of the arrow.

When you enter the code the TV-set in the corner of the room suddenly turned on. You noticed small security panel next to it.

Find the begining and move in different directions.

Start from bold "S" and read the words - numbers

The screen starts flickering. Finally, you see something that looks like a commando searching some rooms.

CLICK Watch the recording

Watch carefully the fragment between 22 and 25 seconds.

Count the stars on each of the epaulets (shoulder boards).

Now you can start downloading files. In the meanwhille you look at framed photos and graphics. They look like souvenirs passed down from generation to generation. You are a bit surprised to see them in a place like this, but you are professionals. You focus on the small safe located below the frames.

Go back to the notes you received at the beginning.

Look for similar frame shapes among the notes.

The moment you open the safe you hear a loud ringing sound. The ring was short. Surprised, you didn't try to see who was calling. Hypnotized, you stare at the blinking phone diode.

The longest pause between flashes is the beginning

After entering the number, you hear what sounds like excerpts from a journal. You listen carefully and write the message on your laptop.

You hear certain typical military expressions.

Remember the notes you received at the beginning.

After last mission, I recommend promoting privates Kowalsky, Macintosh and Romeo to corporal and sending them on two weeks vacation...

During last practice private Oscar twisted his ankle. He was send to infirmary...

Test of new system in Sierra Nevada ended succesfuly. I recommend starting production asap...

During last practice private Oscar, again, twisted his ankle...

General  Mike Patton visited our facility. He was impressed...

Alpha team led by corporal Kowalsky went on a reconnaissance mission. No signs of enemy...

Bomb squad reported that they need Kilo of C4 to blow up this bridge...

Rosomak (Wolverine) turned out to be the password decoding the last file on the laptop's hard drive.

You rip the files you find to a portable drive and leave the room with the feeling of a job well done ...